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Добавлена функция сохранения результатов проверки [url=http://carinfo.kiev.ua/cars/vin]VIN[/url] автомобилей в файл в формате PDF.
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There are the following options for access to online decoders of VIN of vehicles (the list of available brands is here). Pick the most suitable option. Thank you for using our service :)
The number of requests within 24 hours for the user / IP address *1320407020050050010002000
Pause between requests from the user / IP address, sec *21803010550000
Pause between requests from all users, sec *3000000000
Requests for data on permanent links within 24 hours255010020010002000200030004000
Pause between requests for data on permanent links from the user / IP address, sec *1, *31550000000
Save results to PDF *4
Billing period1 day1 day1 day1 day1 day30 days30 days30 days
Price, $47102450200300500
Note (*):
  1. The calculation is not for the calendar day, namely, in the last 24 hours (1440 minutes, 86400 seconds) from time to time request. If the first request you made 23 hours 37 minutes ago and now used daily limit requests, the following query you can make in 23 minutes.
  2. When the free access also counted pay requests made from the same IP address. With paid access are all the requests made only by that user regardless of the IP address.
  3. You can not make a request earlier than the specified time after any other request from your group access. The page will be updated automatically after the specified time.
  4. Not applicable for Ford. Not always all the information is outputed on commercial vehicles Mercedes-Benz.
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